The Stay or Go Homeowner Analysis is your very own, personalized, educational, step-by-step report that spells out ALL of your options, whether you’re staying or going.  The report is created based on the input that you supply either in person, on the phone, or by filling out a questionnaire.  

You’ll be asked some basic questions about your plans, your house, your financial situation, your estate documents, your health and well being, etc.  From the answers you give, I’ll chart out where you stand in those areas and I’ll check off all of the options that apply specifically to you and your family.  And of course, everything is completely confidential.

Those options cover: physically staying in your home, financially staying in your home, some homework whether you’re staying or going, what to do should a co-owner pass away, investigating some different living options, coming up with a strategic plan, options for buying and selling and lastly, all of things that you should consider if you do decide to sell.  

90 Second Homeowner Analysis Intro Video

6 Minute Homeowner Analysis intro video

In addition to your personalized analysis report, you’ll also get:

  • Property Profile (county records, showing how you hold title)
  • Comparative Market Analysis, showing what your home is realistically worth
  • Seller’s netsheet or what you would walk with should you sell
  • You will also be entitled to:
    • One free visit to a live class of your choice
    • Free access to one on-line class video of your choice
    • A one hour consultation with either
      • an Estate Planner
      • a Financial Planner
      • a CPA
      • a Downsizer

Do you have a question, comment or would you like to make an appointment for a meeting on the phone or in person?

Note: Brian is available to consult with you anytime on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  There is no charge and there are no strings attached. Brian’s mission is to take complex information and repackage it into an easy to understand format so homeowners can make the best decisions for their future.  Period.