Ready, Set, Go is a basic workshop designed for pro-active homeowners.

We cover the most important topics taken from the LIVE and Online classes like:

capital gains, costs of staying vs. going, downsizing real estate, estate planning and you’ll even leave with some homework, whether you are staying or going. 

It is NOT a sales pitch or meant to convince homeowners to sell their homes, if it doesn’t make sense for them. 

Why is this mini workshop so important to homeowners?
Making a transition is complex and overwhelming.  There are a lot of pieces to your puzzle and it’s hard to find quality people and accurate information.  Our goal is to give you clarity, certainty and confidence so you can save time, money and frustration.

Who teaches the workshop?
Brian Schwatka has been a Realtor & Retirement Specialist with Intero Real Estate Services since 2004.  Located in Los Gatos, California he specializes in helping homeowners decide if they should stay in their homes or make a transition.

He is also the creator of the “Stay Or Go Homeowner” system which educates homeowners in the areas of financial planning, taxes, estate planning, legal issues, medi-cal planning, in-home care, home safety, real estate, downsizing and relocating.  

Homeowners learn about all of their options through LIVE classes held at local community centers, on-line video classes and 1 on 1 personal consultations.  The Stay Or Go Homeowner website is a valuable resource for all.

Brian Schwatka is a Realtor, not a CPA, tax person, estate planner, legal person or financial planner.  We will only be talking about general principals, not specifics or recommendations or advice.   The goal is to get you “thinking and preparing” for a transition.  This workshop handbook is for instructional use only and includes hypothetical information such as samples and examples. The information contained in this presentation should not be construed as investment, legal or tax advice, recommendations or solicitations.  Persons should seek independent advice for any issues that are not real estate related.

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60 Minute Presentation

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