P - u - z - z - l - e Pieces

​Breaking the Stay Or Go Homeowner classes into short video clips

These are the individual pieces to your Stay Or Go Homeowner puzzle

More Puzzle Pieces - Coming Soon!

Note: I record one new video every week or so and these are just a fraction of what we teach in the Stay Or Go Homeowner Classes.
  • ​Cash Flow is King – Your Financial Plan
  • Reverse Mortgage Basics
  • Home improvement ideas for the best ROI
  • Selling a home as-is
  • Interviewing Realtors
  • The Listing agreement 
  • Real Estate Transaction Timeline
  • Rent it or Sell it?  (Investment properties)
  • 1031 tax exchange (Selling investment properties)
  • Retaining your property tax basis (Prop 13, 60, 90)
  • Preparing your home for the market
  • To Stage or not to Stage?  There is no question.
  • Downsizing in a nutshell
  • Seniors Communities (what are the differences?)
  • Buyer Tips (negotiation strategies, contract red flags)
  • Relocation (realtor introductions) and new housing developments
  • ​The Purchase Agreement

Brian Schwatka is a Realtor, not a CPA, tax person, estate planner, legal person or financial planner.  We will only be talking about general principles, not specifics, recommendations or advice.   The goal is to get you “thinking and preparing” for a transition.  The information contained in these videos should not be construed as investment, legal or tax advice, recommendations or solicitations.  Persons should seek independent advice for any issues that are not real estate related.

Puzzle Piece Video Clips - Intro

Capital Gains and Word Definitions

Capital Gains tax rules changed on 5/7/97

How to Hold Title Correctly so you get a Full Step-Up in Basis and Avoid Probate

What to do when a Homeowner Passes...

Calculating Net Proceeds When Selling a Home