Welcome to “Stay or Go Homeowner”

Stay Or Go Homeowner is a resource for Homeowners of all ages.

We help homeowners decide if they should stay in their homes or make a strategic decision to transition to a new home.This is not a sales pitch, there are no strings attached and there is nothing else to buy at the end.   It’s a comprehensive educational resource for homeowners, relevant to what’s going on in today’s market and it applies to homeowners whether they are staying or going.

Topics covered are: 
Financial planning, reverse mortgages, taxes, estate planning, repairing and upgrading your home, in-home care, real estate 101, downsizing your life, relocating in or out of the area, and the pros and cons of senior communities.

THREE ways to learn and explore your options:

1) LIVE Classes (In Person):
Offered as a 2 hour class, held once a week, for 8 straight weeks at local community centers.

2) On-Line Classes (Videos):
You can watch recordings of the live classes at your convenience.

3) Homeowner Analysis (Consultation) 
Fill out the Homeowner Analysis Questionnaire and you will receive a personalized, educational, step-by-step report created just for YOU.  It’s the perfect way to save time, money and frustration and you can share your personalized report with your friends, family and business professionals.
Why did I create this resource?:
I’ve been a Realtor since 2004 and I’ve seen first hand how difficult it is for people to decide whether they should stay stay on their homes or move on. I’ve spent years creating this course and I know this sounds strange coming from a Realtor, but I do NOT want you to sell your home, until you’ve explored all of your options.