The Stay or Go Homeowner Analysis is your very own, personalized, educational, step-by-step report that spells out ALL of your options, whether you’re staying or going.  Your comprehensive report is created based on the input that you supply either in person, on the phone, in a Zoom call or by filling out a questionnaire.

Stay or Go

Homeowner Analysis

Together, we will evaluate where you stand today in the areas of:

  • Your real estate (physically and functionally)

  • Your financial position (negative, neutral or positive)

  • Your estate and legal standings (Title and Trust)

  • Your physical, social and emotional wellbeing

Next, we will discuss all of the people who are involved in your decision, some family dynamics, the history of your homeownership, your future plans and your main concerns. 


We will cover a wide range of topics and options:

  • How to remain in your home should you decide to stay

    • Negative cash flow solutions: reverse mortgages, loans, etc.​

  • How to hold title to your home correctly 

  • What to do if/when a co-owner passes away

  • The true value of your home in today's market

  • How much you will walk away with should you decide to sell

    • Including capital gains taxes and all selling costs

  • Investigating other areas to live and unique retirement living options

  • Exit strategies and creative purchasing options 

  • Real Estate 101

Your customized Homeowner Analysis report (.pdf) will include my observations, opinions and suggestions.  In addition, it will include a “Summary of Options”.  Each of your options will have a page number where you can go to learn more and in some cases, there is also a link to a short “Puzzle Piece” video clip which will explain that option for you.  

The Homeowner Analysis report will give you the clarity, certainty and confidence to make this tough decision. 

Note: I appreciate and value your personal information and this will not be shared with anyone else.  The reason I need to know all of this information is so that I can properly evaluate your current situation and give you my opinions on your options going forward.  Please also keep in mind that I am not an accountant or a tax person, so feel free to have these estimated numbers reviewed by your tax advisor for accuracy.