The Stay or Go Homeowner Analysis is your very own, personalized, educational, step-by-step report that spells out ALL of your options, whether you’re staying or going.  Your comprehensive report is created based on the input that you supply either in person, on the phone, in a Zoom call or by
filling out the on-line questionnaire.

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Stay or Go
Homeowner Analysis

Since 2004 I’ve helped hundreds of homeowners make the tough, yet very important decision to either stay in their homes or make a transition to a new home.

I've spent my entire career creating the Stay Or Go Homeowner system and developing the perfect questionnaire which allows me, to help you make the best decisions for your future, whether you are staying or going.

I know this sounds strange coming from a Realtor, but I do NOT want you to sell your home, until you’ve explored all of your options and it makes sense for you and your future plans.

During our short meeting, I will ask you a number of non-confidential questions to fully understand your unique situation.

Step 1:

We will discuss your ideal plans for the future. You may want to remain in your home and age-in-place, relocate out of the area or transition to a retirement community. I’ll explain the pros and cons of staying and going and help you prioritize your wants and needs.

Step 2:

We will evaluate where you stand today in the areas of:

  • Homeownership or Real Estate (physically and functionally)

    • Is the home safe and suitable?​

    • Age-in-place strategies

  • Health and Support Network (family, friends, and neighbors) 

    • Who can help?

    • In-Home Care 101​

  • Physical, social and emotional wellbeing​​

    • The danger of waiting too long to decide​

  • Basic Financial Position:

    • Cash-Flow: negative, neutral or positive

    • Your current home value and capital gains taxes

    • Preparing to meet with a financial planner

  • Estate and Legal Standings (Title and Trust)

    • Has a co-owner passed?​ Was there a step-up in basis?

    • How to hold title correctly


​Step 3:

We will document your ideal search criteria so I can suggest:

- New homes that better suit your lifestyle

- Retirement Communities that you would love and can afford

- New areas to relocate to that are similar to silicon valley, but better.. 

- Realtors and business contacts that have been personally hand selected by me

- Creative financing options so you can move first and then sell afterwards

Step 4: 

I will send you an email report which will spell out all of my observations, your capital gains
estimates, my personal recommendations for areas, homes and retirement communities that
match your search criteria as well as my suggestions for your home preparation.


I’ll also send you links for some short videos that apply to you, introduce you to some of my business contacts and give you some homework.  Yes, you have some homework to do..

There is no charge for this report. But if you gain some clarity, certainty and
confidence from our time together, I would love it if I could share your testimonial with other homeowners who are struggling with the decision of staying or going.


If you have any questions, comments, concerns or requests, please contact me directly.
I’m always here for you and your family.

Note: I appreciate and value your personal information and this will not be shared with anyone else.  The reason I need to know all of this information is so that I can properly evaluate your current situation and give you my opinions on your options going forward.  Please also keep in mind that I am not an accountant or a tax person, so feel free to have these estimated numbers reviewed by your tax advisor for accuracy.