The Myths of Retirement Living Communities

We’ve all heard stories about retirement communities. What’s so great about living in an expensive retirement community anyway?  I’m too young to go there and I love my home!  

This live webinar will dispel all of the myths surrounding retirement communities and show you what it’s like to live on a cruise ship on land.  


You’ll get answers to tough questions like:

- Why is a CCRC the best option?
- What’s the difference between a buy-in or a month-to-month?
- Will the costs continue to go up and what if I run out of money?
- What if my spouse’s health declines before mine?
- and much, much more


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Contact Brian to discuss the details or schedule a live webinar or workshop for your group at the location of your choice.

Contemplating a Transition to a Retirement Community

In this 6 minute video, Brian Schwatka interviews some of his past clients who were initially hesitant about retirement communities.  He asks them questions like: what did you think before, during and after your move?  What was the most difficult part?  How were you pleasantly surprised?  What did your family think?  What would you tell someone who was on the fence, contemplating a move?