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Puzzle Piece videos explain some of the most important things that you need to know as a homeowner. 

Puzzle Pieces Videos


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Step Zero
at the end

Step 1

Self Eval: Where are we now?

How to hold title correctly to get a full step-up in basis & avoid probate

What to do when a co-owner Passes Away

Capital Gains & 
Word Definitions 

Calculating Net Proceeds When Selling a Home

Capital Gains tax rules changed on 5/7/97

Interviewing a Realtor

Selling a Home As-Is

Home Preparation
Return on Investment

Downsizing your Life
and Your Belongings

Contemplating an Active Adult Retirement Community

Retaining/Transferring your Prop 13 Property Tax Basis

The Real Estate

Transaction Timeline

Selling a home to Cash-Out

Renting a home to Cash-Flow

Coming Soon (see list below)


More Puzzle Pieces

Coming Soon

I record one new video every week or so and these are just a fraction of what we teach in the live workshops or in a personal consultation. Schedule an appointment with me today to discuss any of the topics below!

  • Title companies and escrow: what do they do and what to expect?

  • Discount Brokers and Realtors (Save Money or Make Money?...)

  • Pricing your home to sell, not sit.

  • The importance of staging a home for the market

  • Luxury Home Sales

  • Exit Strategies: 

    • Buy 1st or Sell 1st?​

    • 1031 tax exchange (Selling investment properties)

    • Probate: what is it and how do we avoid it?

  • Creative Purchasing Strategies:

    • Reverse Mortgage for purchases​

    • Bridge Loans

    • New housing developments (Don't go alone!!)

    • Seniors Communities (what are the differences?)

    • The costs of staying vs. going

  • Relocation: Get introduced to a hand selected, qualified Realtor

    • Santa Rosa​

    • Sacramento and the surrounding areas

    • Boise, Idaho and the surrounding areas

  • Homeownership 101 series (for those who are staying):

    • ​​Cash Flow is King – Your Financial Plan

    • Reverse Mortgage Basics

    • Home safety

    • Home inspections and maintenance

    • In home care services

  • What's Next?
    • Stay in your home with positive cash-flow​
    • Stay in your home with negative cash-flow
    • You might want to go, but you're not quite sure
    • You're 100% sure you WANT to go
    • You're 100% sure you CAN go