Stay or Go Where?

Silicon Valley enjoys gorgeous weather, unlimited activities and jobs for all.  Unfortunately it’s also expensive, congested, and a bit different than it used to be.  If you could find another place to live that was affordable, had comparable weather, offered good health care and transportation, would you consider relocating?  This live workshop, personal consultation or on-line video series will help you explore the "Why and How" of relocating and introduce you to areas that are comparable to Silicon Valley. 

We will cover topics like exit strategies, creative purchasing options, the pros and cons of retirement living, and planning your perfect future.

Next Online Class:  4/8/2021, 1-3pm


People are finding that the
1:1 Personal Consultations are a great way to save time and get right to the answer they are looking for.

Contact Brian to discuss the details or to schedule a live workshop for your group at the location of your choice.
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Brian Schwatka explains the "Stay Or Go Where" workshop