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Virtual Listing Appointment

Get to know Brian Schwatka on your terms

Hello Homeowners,

My name is Brian Schwatka, Realtor and Transition Specialist with Keller Williams Bay Area Estates
in Los Gatos, California.

I invite you to get acquainted with me, "virtually". 


Below, you will find everything you need to evaluate Brian Schwatka as a Listing agent 

Brian Schwatka rider sign

Meet Brian Schwatka in this
"Virtual" Listing Presentation
(click on the video below)

Listing Presentation

Here's a short video that will answer some of your questions in regards to selecting Brian Schwatka to sell your home.

  • Who is Brian Schwatka

  • Brian’s website, testimonials and differentiation

  • Communication, transparency and repeatable systems

  • Meet Brian’s team

  • Sales statistics for last year

  • Past property portfolio

  • Pre-listing and Home preparation

  • Your custom marketing plan

  • Commissions and costs

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Click on the image above and use the arrows to flip

Marble Surface


This is an electronic FlipBook of Brian's Listing Brochure which you can download using the button below

Click on the image below
to see any of my past listings

Brian Schwatka's past listings


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This video is an example of how my team and I can take a home that needs a lot of work and get it ready for the market
in just 3-4 weeks.

Here are the Latest Statistics

Click each picture to see more details. 

Click on the video above to watch
the latest Santa Clara County Update

You may want to hit the full screen icon
and then your escape key when done.

Note: If you've been here before, please "refresh"

Real Estate HOUSE image that I use.

real Estate

Brian's clients have unlimited access to educational real estate videos which help homeowners prepare for the successful sale of their home

- Real Estate 101

- Buy 1st or Sell 1st?

- Residential Listing Agreement

- The Listing Manual of FlightPlan

- Listing Preparation

- Downsizing & Home Prep Examples

- Seller's Disclosures

- Residential Purchase Agreement

- Offer Accepted, Now What??

- Mediation and Arbitration

- Wire Fraud

- DocuSign Electronic Signatures


An old couple using computer happily

real estate

Watch short (2-4 minute) videos that Brian has created on a variety of topics to save you time, money and frustration:

- Step Zero, beginning at the end

- Step 1, Self-eval

- Holding title correctly 

- What to do when a co-owner passes

- Capital gains taxes

- Capital gains tax rule changes

- Calculating net proceeds on your sale

- Selling a home As-Is

- Home prep, return on investment

- Downsize your life and belongings

- Contemplating a retirement community

- Selling (cash-out) VS. Renting (cash-flow)

- Real Estate transaction timeline

Brian teaching stay or go homeowner in C

real estate 

Learn about all of Brian's 
educational workshops, webinars
and public speaking events

- Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

- Stay Or Go WHERE?

- The Myths of Retirement Communities

- In-home care vs. Retirement Communities

- Homeowner Paralysis of Analysis

- Ready, Set, GO!

- Homeowner "FlightPlan"

- List of Upcoming Webinars

- Create your own custom webinar or talk

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