Every homeowner is unique, so there are different webinars, workshops, private consultations and videos for every stage of homeownership.  


You can also request a custom workshop for your private events.

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Webinars Workshops


Stay or Go Homeowner

This workshop will help homeowners decide if they should stay or go.  

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Stay or Go Where?

This workshop covers transitioning to a new home, a retirement community or discovering other areas that are comparable to Silicon Valley.  


The Myths of Retirement Living Communities

This workshop will dispel all of the myths surrounding retirement communities and show you what it’s like to live on a cruise ship on land.  


In-Home Care VS. Retirement Living Communities

This workshop compares aging in place with in-home care VS. transitioning to a retirement community

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Homeowner Paralysis
of Analysis

This workshop is for homeowners who are on the fence about making a transition and how to break the  Paralysis of Analysis

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Ready, Set, Go!

This workshop is for homeowners who have made the decision to make a transition to a new home.  Now what??  


I just completed the 8 week LIVE course. Each session was a gem in and of itself. Even if one is not thinking about moving, there is very useful information for our everyday lives. Thanks Brian!

Cindy Wagner

Brian, I just recently finished reading the “Brian Schwatka edition of Kiplinger’s Personal Finance”.  Congratulations on being recognized for creating a very useful, dynamic learning experience for seniors.  One of your students is so committed that she postponed surgery until after your  last class.    


This is so valuable an experience for those of us who are facing the changes that aging brings to our lives, even some of us who thought that, because of years of nonprofit experience, we knew it all.  Wrong! 

Thank you again.


Terry Markle


This was a well thought-out course. All of the topics, financial, health and house related, should be considered when deciding whether to stay in your home or move to other accommodations. Everyone’s circumstances are different, and this course addressed that. 

In addition to the information presented by various professionals in their fields, we were given local vetted resources where we could go for help if desired. 

I have recommended this course to friends. Thank you Brian for all the effort you put into this.

Ann W.



Brian Rocks with his warmth, sincerity, professionalism, referrals and generosity.

Anonymous from class survey



Most valuable!  Have passed on the class info to several friends.  All topics were relevant to my current planning needs.




“Excellent class, great content, very professional”




I’m getting so much information that my head spins a bit.  I’m learning and that means a lot to me.  You are providing so much information that most people are not aware of.  I can’t thank you enough for all of the work you have put into these classes.

Maureen Heberling



Thank you, Brian, for all you do for seniors. You are one of a kind. Looking forward to your mini documentary on dispelling the myths about seniors communities.

Jyl Campana



Brian, thank you for your stewardship, leadership and your acts of kindness bringing knowledge to many minds about Life’s Growing Pains!!!

Judy Jackson



I certainly have enjoyed the class.  You have put a lot of thought into the topics, resources, and speakers.


Judy Demko



Thank you so much for all the effort you put into organizing the Stay Or Go Homeowner classes.  The speakers were all very informative.

Judie Cordy



I wish the classes were longer!  Brian, you are excellent and easy to approach.  You are very knowledgeable about all of the subjects.  I have been recommending this class to everyone!  That was a lot to learn.

Anonymous from class survey



Most worthwhile class I’ve taken in years!  Wonderful idea, perfect for me.

Anonymous from class survey



Time well spent.  Thanks a ton.  I will be recommending this class to my friends.

Anonymous from class survey



Your classes were very informative and helpful.  I got lots of information from each class.  I would recommend your classes to my friends.  Thank You!

Anonymous from class survey




My wife and I are really enjoying your class, and we are learning a ton of valuable information.
Thank you so much for offering this class!!

Scott and Paulyne Townsend