Every homeowner is unique, so there are different webinars, workshops, private consultations and videos for every stage of homeownership.  


You can also request a custom workshop for your private events.

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Stay or Go Homeowner

This workshop will help homeowners decide if they should stay or go.  

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Stay or Go Where?

This workshop covers transitioning to a new home, a retirement community or discovering other areas that are comparable to Silicon Valley.  

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The Myths of Retirement Living Communities

This workshop will dispel all of the myths surrounding retirement communities and show you what it’s like to live on a cruise ship on land.  

Home Care

In-Home Care VS. Retirement Living Communities

This workshop compares aging in place with in-home care VS. transitioning to a retirement community

Paralysis of Analysis

Homeowner Paralysis

of Analysis

This workshop is for homeowners who are on the fence about making a transition and how to break the  Paralysis of Analysis

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Ready, Set, Go!

This workshop is for homeowners who have made the decision to make a transition to a new home.  Now what??  


Your “Stay Or Go Homeowner” class is a valuable resource for anyone approaching that time of life.  I was a fairly new widow when I took it, and while I had done many of the things mentioned, there were valuable details that I was glad to learn.  It was reassuring to learn that I can stay in my home – unless I decide for other reasons to relocate to a seniors residence.

I’m also pleased to have the contacts and recommendations you provided, for home maintenance and down-sizing.  I’m actively engaged in down-sizing as I can, to make it easier if and when a move is necessary.

I have told many of my friends about the class and I think a couple of them are planning to take it. 

I wish you success with your efforts to turn all of this into a book – you could reach even more people that way, although a book wouldn’t really take the place of the class discussions.

Dale Hill