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In-Home Care VS. Retirement Living Communities

Many homeowners think that it is easier and less expensive to stay in their current home and age-in-place rather than transitioning to a retirement living community.  And since those are your only two options, it's time to decide which option is best for you and your future plans.  

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If you would like to watch a specific topic, hover over the video and drag the timeline to the times below:

  2:29 - The only two options for Homeowners

  5:31 - What is In-Home Care?  Types of services

  9:10 - What is a CCRC?

13:23 - What are the costs of in-home VS. a CCRC?

25:31 - Are all meals included?

18:40 - How do you pay for care?

22:34 - The Pros and Cons of in-home VS. a CCRC

29:16 - The state of the in-home care industry

34:06 - Memory care considerations

37:00 - When is it time to consider assistance?

38:24 - What if you wait too long to decide?

43:14 - Questions to ask care companies and CCRCs

43:37 - Next steps - Presentation wrap up

Feel free to contact Brian for further questions or to schedule a live presentation for your group at the location of your choice.

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In-Home Care VS. Retirement Living Communities

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In-Home Care VS. Retirement Living Communities

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