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Prioritization Grid

If you have a list of three or four preferences and you want to list them in order of importance, most likely you do it just by eyeballing the list.

But if your list contains a larger number, it’s not so easy, and the more preferences you have, the more complicated it gets.


For many years, people have used Richard Bolles’ prioritizing grid to help with this problem, but the paper version in What Color Is Your Parachute? can be cumbersome and so I am, with the permission of the author, offering a web version which is easier to use.



First, enter items to be prioritized in the numbered slots below.


Next, use the radio buttons to indicate your preferences among the items by considering them in pairs, one pair at a time.

As you place the mouse pointer over each box with a pair of radio buttons, you will see the associated items highlighted. Click the button that indicates the one you prefer and the highlighting will change to indicate your preference. Use the first row of radio button boxes to indicate your preference between items 1 and 2, the second row to indicate your preferences between items 1 and 3, and 2 and 3, and so forth until you reach the end of the form. Then click the PRIORITIZE button to generate the list of PRIORITIZED ITEMS on the right. You may not skip any of the button boxes, but must make a choice between all item pairs.


If a row of the PRIORITIZED ITEMS list is highlighted, it means you have a tie, i.e., two or more items have received an equal number of votes.  There are two ways to break the tie. The easiest is to click the highlighted row and a new window will open with a grid which contains just the items that are tied. For this to work, however, your browser must allow popups.

If your browser does not allow popups, find the preferred item in the highlighted row in the list of UNPRIORITIZED ITEMS and click the + button next to it to increase its ranking.For example: in a prioritized list of beverages, COFFEE and TEA both appear in the same highlighted row, which means they both got the same number of votes. To break the tie, you click the + button next to COFFEE in the UNPRIORITIZED ITEMS list, since you prefer coffee to tea.In case of a three-way tie, click the button beside your highest preference TWICE, and then click the button beside your second highest preference ONCE.


If you make a mistake or get confused during tie-breaking, you can always click the PRIORITIZE button to start over.

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