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Homeowner Paralysis of Analysis

You’ve done your research, but you’re still on the fence and can’t decide if you should stay in your home or make a transition to a new home.  You may be suffering from “Paralysis of Analysis”.  It’s time to get off the fence and into your new life!  In this class you will learn the most compelling reasons to make a transition and the dangers of waiting too long to decide.  Here are our top 10 reasons:

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If you would like to watch a specific topic, hover over the video and drag the timeline to the times below:

  3:09 - The only two options for Homeowners

  5:24 - Agenda and flow for the presentation 

  6:19 - The Burden of your home

10:07 - CCRC: Safety, Security and Staff

11:39 - The "House-Rich, Cash-Poor" dilemma

13:58 - New lifestyle, new neighbors

17:18 - The hot real estate market?!?!

19:00 - The continuity of care at a CCRC

22:07 - Market fluctuations and predicting a turn 

22:48 - Financial peace of mind

36:21 - The state of the in-home care industry

42:54 - The costs of in-home care services

46:18 - It's not getting any easier, don't wait to long!

48:16 - Thought provoking questions to ask yourself

Feel free to contact Brian for further questions or to schedule a live presentation for your group at the location of your choice.

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Webinar Schedule

Aug 13, 2024
(11AM - 12PM)

Breaking the Paralysis of Analysis

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