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Ready, Set, Go!

Congratulations!  You’ve finally made the decision to make a transition to a new home.  Now what??  In this class we will prepare you for the transition.  You’ll learn about capital gains, holding title correctly, what to do if a co-owner has passed away, selling a home as-is, home preparation and real estate 101. You’ll leave with clarity, certainty and confidence along with some homework that you'll need to do before you place your deposit on your new home.  

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If you would like to watch a specific topic, hover over the video and drag the timeline to the times below:

  3:13 - What is Ready, Set, Go and who is it for?

  4:31 - Home value and Capital Gains explanation 

  8:28 - Step-up in basis and holding title correctly

13:05 - A personalized Homeowner Analysis report

14:26 - Interviewing a Realtor

18:27 - There is only one way to sell a home As-Is

22:00 - Home preparation - What to do, or not to do

23:57 - Downsizing and move management

28:48 - The best return on investment projects 

37:52 - The 60 day transaction timeline

40:32 - To occupy or vacate while on the market

44:49 - What you can do to help - Your homework

Feel free to contact Brian for further questions or to schedule a live presentation for your group at the location of your choice.

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Webinar Schedule

Sept 12, 2023
(11AM - 12PM)

Ready, Set, Go (Homework between waitlist and deposit)

Sept 19, 2023
(2PM - 3PM)

Ready, Set, Go (Homework between waitlist and deposit)

In - house

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Ready, Set, Go!
Transition Manual

If you are getting ready to make a transition, then you'll need a Transition Manual which covers a multitude of options, tasks and things to take into consideration:

  • What to do if a co-owner passes

  • Estate Planning

  • Capital Gains Taxes

  • Investigating living options

  • Creating a strategic game plan

  • Creative options

  • Preparing your home

  • And much, much more

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