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Is it Time to Cash Out?

Welcome to Stay or Go Homeowner
Helping Homeowners make the best decisions for their future, whether they are staying or going

How Can We Help You?:

Don't make a move until you


Brian Schwatka would like to take a minute to welcome you

How can I help you?

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You are trying to decide if you
should stay or if you should go:

Deciding whether to stay in your home or make a transition to a new home is a very difficult task indeed. 
As we age, this decision becomes even more critical because the goal is to not outlive our money. 

Brian Schwatka has spent his entire career helping homeowners decide if they should stay or go.  He helps his clients evaluate where they stand, envision their ideal future, calculate their capital gains taxes, describe the best way to hold title, what they do should should a co-owner pass, creative cash-flow ideas, downsizing, real estate 101 and much, much more.

No two homeowners are the same, so a 1 on 1 personalized consultation is the best way to for him to help you.

You are trying to decide WHERE you should go:

Silicon Valley enjoys gorgeous weather, unlimited activities and plenty of jobs for all.  Unfortunately it’s also expensive, congested, and a bit different than it used to be.  If you could find another place to live that was affordable, had comparable weather, offered good health care and transportation, would you consider relocating? 

Brian Schwatka will introduce you to other areas that are comparable to Silicon Valley.  In addition, he will educate you on topics like creative buying/selling/renting of real estate, the costs of staying vs. going, the pros and cons of retirement living, and planning your perfect future.

Two seniors discussing about their finances.

You've decided to make a transition, Now What?

Congratulations!  You’ve finally made the decision to leave your home and transition to a new home.  Now what??    

Is this the right time to sell?  Are you going to get killed on taxes?  What do you need to do to sell as-is?  How are you going to get rid of all of the stuff?


Brian has been a top producing Realtor and Transition Specialist since 2004.  He will give you the answers to all of those questions and more.  You’ll gain clarity, certainty and confidence and learn what you'll need to do before you go.  

Think of it as your Homeowner FlightPlan.

Happy senior couple from behind looking at front of house and car

You are looking for a Public Speaker for your event

Brian Schwatka has been a Realtor & Transition Specialist since 2004.  In addition to helping homeowners decide if they should stay in their homes or make a transition to a new home, he is also a teacher and a public speaker. 

He presents his “Stay Or Go Homeowner” system through Webinar presentations and classes, LIVE workshops, online videos and private speaking engagements. Homeowners learn about all of their options in the areas of financial planning, taxes, estate planning, in-home care, home safety, real estate, downsizing and relocating.  

All with no expectations or strings attached.   

Brian Schwatka doing a class


“Excellent class, great content, very professional”

—  Mimi

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