The postcard from the future

Now that you/we have evaluated where you stand in the areas of your real estate, finances, legal and personal well being, it’s time to look forward.  You can’t leave your dreams to chance.  If you don’t have a clear picture of where you want to go, you’ll end up wherever life throws you.  We need a pro-active meaningful plan, not a re-active mystery plan.  Let’s create a roadmap for your future!

We’re going to define what is most important to you so that when you need to make one or more difficult decisions, you pick the best option for your future and where you are going, not just your present moment where you are now.

Take some time to yourself to clear your mind of all the craziness in the world.  This is the most important part of your Stay Or Go Journey.  Think about what you love and what makes you feel fulfilled.  This will help us gain some clarity and purpose for the next chapter in your life.  

let’s have some fun fantasizing about what a perfect day/life looks like for you.  Close your eyes and picture yourself at some point in the future (5 or 10 years down the line), fully living your dream and fulfilling your purpose.  Engage all of your senses.  Describe what you experience as you move through your days and weeks. 


As you write it all down, in either a story format or just some bullet points.  Be sure to state everything in the present tense and keep it positive.  Focus on pleasant images and describe what you see as though it were happening right now. 

Where are you?  What does it look, sound and feel like?  What are you doing?  Who is with you?  What do you need so that every day is joyful?  What must you avoid to be happy?  Pack it with passion!  Make it authentic, grand, optimistic and wondrous!   

By the end of this exercise you can put it all together into a comprehensive picture so that you can create the steps that will take you toward this satisfying future.  These compelling images will motivate you, keep you energized and give you a target to shoot for.


Here is a 2 minute video that describes the Postcard from the future

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