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Step 1

The ultimate goal of the Stay Or Go Homeowner System is to help homeowners make the best decisions for their future, whether they are staying or going.

In order to break the "Paralysis of Analysis" that many homeowners experience, you need Clarity, Certainty and Confidence

CLARITY comes from evaluating where you are today and visualizing your perfect future. Can you see it?

CERTAINTY comes from knowing WHERE you are going, whether that is staying in your current home, purchasing a new home, relocating out of the area, or transitioning to a retirement community (here or there).

CONFIDENCE comes from having a detailed Flight Plan that spells out every step you'll need to take to get you to your destination (your vision of the future).

This self-evalu
ation exercise will help you visualize imbalances in your current homeownership and give you a clear picture of what needs to be worked to obtain balance.

Self-Evaluation Instructions:

1) Print out the self-evaluation worksheet (.pdf file)

2) For each of the five categories, answer all six of the questions.

3) Add up the number of times that you answered "yes" and record that number at the bottom of each category.

4) Starting from the center of the wheel, plot your scores (1-6) in each corresponding category.

5) Connect the dots and you will see how balanced your wheel is, or isn't...

Step 2

If you have not completed your "Postcard from the Future", click on this link so you can complete that exercise.

Step 3

Once you have completed both the self-evaluation and the postcard from the future exercises, it's time to get together with Brian for a Homeowner Analysis so we can put the pieces of your puzzle together.

here to schedule an appointment.

Click here to request the
Homeowner A
nalysis Questionnaire which will save us some time during our meeting together.

I look forward to helping you make the best decisions for your future, whether you are staying or going. 


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